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Do not buy Watercop on Amazon

The Watercop Classic is an excellent product especially when combined with the SmartConnect wifi module that can shut off your water main from anywhere on the globe without paying a monthly fee. But beware! Only older models are sold on Amazon. The old Watercop Classics put the motor and switch in one box. The new design separates the more sensitive switch electronics from the motor that opens and closes the valve. I have owned both designs and can attest that I will never again place electronics anywhere near a water pipe, not to mention the corrosion from rain and humidity. The Watercop is more expensive to purchase and is more difficult to install but unless you want a brick or you enjoy paying for Flo each month (and it's also vulnerable to water and weather damage), it's the financially smart choice. I bought the 75 foot cable so the switch could be located indoors. The hard part of course was running the cable under the house.