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Change file extensions recursively

How to change the extension of multiple files at once on Linuxish systems: find . -type f -iname "auditTrail.csv" -print0 | while IFS= read -r -d '' file; do mv -- "$file" "${file%csv}zip" done
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The Lessons of Empire

Future generations should heed the lessons from today’s anti-vaxxers. Asian civilizations learned (the hard way, with fire) more than a thousand years ago that liberty doesn’t include the right to kill. Anti-maskers are pro-machine gun. Life is cheap and meaningless to them because they think they are going to heaven. Social programs are safety nets for civilizations. The less capable are exploited by the rich in order to increase their power while decreasing the tax obligation. The billionaire-owned advertising-for-profit press pines for poor Whites who “lost their jobs to China” and have Economic Anxiety so bad they have to kill Black folk. California was a better place before the Spaniards invaded en mass shortly after the beginning the 19th century. Indigenous peoples will return as stewards of a better ecosystem centuries after our dead-end empire finally falls. The next Americans, like the Ohlone before us, will know little about science and everything about happiness, justice

Farewell, Beryl

I miss Grandma’s smile and her trademark greeting: “You look so good!” You might not have looked your best, but she meant it. Grandma was happy to see you because she genuinely enjoyed the company. Grandma was always up for adventure. She looked forward to her great grand daughter Kate’s birthday parties, musicals, and school promotions. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make it to Kate’s high school graduation but she attended a musical during Kate’s senior year. From my childhood birthday dinners to Pam’s bridal shower to Kate’s first birthday to Kate’s last year of high school, Grandma was always there. She made every event better with her enthusiasm and cheerful, engaging conversation.  When served food or a glass of wine , she would always declare: “This is so good!” Thank you Carole, Dad, and Caryl Anne for making sure GG was part of Kate’s life. In keeping with Grandma’s generation, she was also a tireless worker. She did everything she could to help win the Second World War. Sh

Science did its job. Republicans failed us.

Covid vaccines are life preservers thrown to drowning humanity. In public, Republicans imply the vaccines are a Democrat trick: The Truth will eventually be revealed, like how Trump actually won the election. In private, the liars got the shots because they aren’t as stupid as their small-figure donors. They also know Trump lost. Those in the Christian GOP death cult are free to drown but they shouldn’t be allowed to drag anyone down with them. They have killed tens of thousands and counting. Someday, those who believe in science will stop being polite and will start getting real. No more social services or ICU beds for diseased science denying traitors who don’t pay taxes and don’t have any clue about civic responsibility, US history, math, computer science, global warming, forest management, or anything these that is required to survive the 21st century.

Fires, housing, and treason

As wildfires rage across the northern hemisphere, we weep for the devastating loss of life, habitat, and vacation destinations that will impact the ecosystem for centuries. The mountains represent a refuge to retirees and low-middle class blue collar workers who prefer slower living. Many of the displaced can not afford the flatlands. As their options literally turn to ash, what will happen to Mountain People? Some will initially flee to gymnasiums, temporarily fed and housed by taxpayers and the Red Cross. Some will return to their devastated towns and rebuild. Some will double up in their children's homes in RVs, trailers, garages, or spare bedrooms. Some will relocate permanently if they can afford it. Renters and homeowners who are unable to negotiate with their insurance carriers (fire insurance is no longer affordable to those who need it most) are at risk of becoming unhoused and thus overexposed to crime, illness, hunger, and an uncaring, bankrupt, fearful public. US state

Test in production

Unit tests and staging environments are nice and all but how do you know whether your latest release works? In SaaS, you must test in production. Consider your users to be testers, or, better: create test users and run nonstop tests in production deliberately. As this  article  says: “ Certain services need to know that an account isn't real, so we don't count or bill users like production accounts or match them with a production user. With these cases handled, all other services essentially treat all accounts, production or test, exactly the same. ”