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The Secret to Attaining Skype Nirvana Affordably with the Jabra Pro 930

The Jabra Pro 930 is a fantastic headset for use with Google Chat, Skype, and other computer-based VOIP solutions. It is not a headset for your existing DECT wireless landline system, and it probably won't work with your smartphone either. DECT's range of hundreds of feet far exceeds that of Bluetooth (50 feet if you're lucky), making it a terrific headset for roaming around the house in comfort. Plus, it has an easy to find mute button which so many Bluetooth headsets lack. The Jabra Pro 930 is not the best way to listen to your music collection because it's mono, but of course, you can do that to, say, vacuum the house while listening to the free PC version of Spotify. Even better! It's cheap! By which I mean inexpensive. You can find a new Jabra Pro 930 for as low as $125. However, you can get one today for under $50 because it's also sold as a discontinued product, the Logitech BH940-M. Retailers have deeply discounted their Logitech stock, so pick up

The Software Project Lifecycle

Software projects follow the same lifecycle pattern. What differs from project to project are the amount of time between stages and the release numbers. Embryonic projects consist of presentations, problem statements, solutions, and other forms of optimistic documentation Infant projects have proof of concept code Baby projects have a source code repository and programming guidelines. It might be possible to check out the code, build, and run it. Fat chance. Toddler projects have automated builds and unit tests Adolescent projects have bug tracking systems and prerelease users who are mostly unaware that they are unpaid testers Teenage projects have a release candidate that evolves, much longer than anyone expected, into "1.0" The teenager ages into adulthood via 1.0 bugfix releases and then finally into 2.0 which has documentation that someone was specifically paid to write The project regenerates itself Dr. Who style with fresh new team members and even code bases

Good morning!

Last night I dreamt that my daughter left for college, which will happen in a few years. It was devastating since I have sacrificed so much to raise her, which is my fault but that is the way the game is supposed to be played. I know that she will be gone in her mind much sooner than her body leaves. I will cope with alcohol, work, yoga, and golf. I still love making computers do things. I hope I can pay for her college.