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Heavy Freedom

Being married normally means someone is wondering where you are at all times. This is not the same as being single and having living parents. Singleness means answering the question of what to do today while marriage significantly reduces one’s freedom and generally requires less planning. Either way, maintaining a healthy body is work - as we age, nothing gets easier. Dating and romance become a distant memory. My mom started a second life at fifty. She was free but unable to pay her bills - exciting for her and terrifying for her family. How she lived through odd jobs and boyfriends is anyone’s guess but that was Mom being her authentic self - scrappy and elusive. She was happiest when making her own decisions and answering to no one. Remarriage meant stability at the cost of being left at home alone like furniture until her fifth husband died. Shortly thereafter, she succumbed to mental and physical decline and her children had to make decisions for her. Which path would you choos

When the majority votes like a bot farm

Why trouble oneself with independent thought when God will sort out the winners and losers? Study and experimentation - science, in other words - require gobs of money. Despite their vanity charities, the rich and powerful would rather not smarten up the chumps. It's working for them. "Live and let live" presumes one's opponents uphold the same credo. The devout instead demand "convert or die" and see life as a game of maximizing the number of lives "saved." A bearded white Peeping Tom grandpa in the sky keeps score. When belief is the teensiest bit challenged, the Golden Rule is reflexively discarded for "if you're not for us, you're against us." No, Satan can't fool the heaven-bound! The end justifies the means. Belief covers everything, like flowers upon a mass grave . Centuries after Gallileo risked his life with a telescope to refute the Catholic Church's willful blindless, we stare agape at a United States of