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The Lessons of Empires

Future generations should heed today’s anti-vaxxers. Asian civilizations learned this lesson more than a thousand years ago: liberty doesn’t include the right to kill. Anti-maskers are also pro-machine gun. Life is cheap and meaningless to them because they think they are going to heaven. Those who are born permanently intellectually disabled necessitate authoritarianism. Social programs are safety nets for civilizations. The least capable among us are exploited by the rich in order to increase their power and decrease their taxes. The billionaire-owned advertising-for-profit press pines for poor Whites who “lost their jobs to China” and have Economic Anxiety so bad they have to kill Black folk in church. California was a far better place before the Spaniards invaded en mass in 1800. Indigenous peoples will return as stewards of a better ecosystem centuries after our dead-end empire finally falls. The next Americans, like the Ohlone before us, will know little about science and everyth