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Showing posts from August 22, 2021

Science did its job. Republicans failed us.

Covid vaccines are life preservers thrown to drowning humanity. In public, Republicans imply the vaccines are a Democrat trick: The Truth will eventually be revealed, like how Trump actually won the election. In private, the liars got the shots because they aren’t as stupid as their small-figure donors. They also know Trump lost. Those in the Christian GOP death cult are free to drown but they shouldn’t be allowed to drag anyone down with them. They have killed tens of thousands and counting. Someday, those who believe in science will stop being polite and will start getting real. No more social services or ICU beds for diseased science denying traitors who don’t pay taxes and don’t have any clue about civic responsibility, US history, math, computer science, global warming, forest management, or anything these that is required to survive the 21st century.