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Fires, housing, and treason

As wildfires rage across the northern hemisphere, we weep for the devastating loss of life, habitat, and vacation destinations that will impact the ecosystem for centuries. The mountains represent a refuge to retirees and low-middle class blue collar workers who prefer slower living. Many of the displaced can not afford the flatlands. As their options literally turn to ash, what will happen to Mountain People? Some will initially flee to gymnasiums, temporarily fed and housed by taxpayers and the Red Cross. Some will return to their devastated towns and rebuild. Some will double up in their children's homes in RVs, trailers, garages, or spare bedrooms. Some will relocate permanently if they can afford it. Renters and homeowners who are unable to negotiate with their insurance carriers (fire insurance is no longer affordable to those who need it most) are at risk of becoming unhoused and thus overexposed to crime, illness, hunger, and an uncaring, bankrupt, fearful public. US state