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SL4J and parameterized messages

It's common to log messages that contain run-time information. In Java, this is easier if you use SL4J instead of log4j. Here's a useful snippet from This is how you would do in Log4j, but surely this is not fun and reduce readability of code by adding unnecessary boiler-plate code. if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) {     logger.debug("Processing trade with id: " + id + " symbol: " + symbol); } On the other hand if you use SLF4J, you can get same result in more concise format as shown below: logger.debug("Processing trade with id: {} and symbol : {} ", id, symbol); In SLF4J, we don't need String concatenation and don't incur cost of temporary not need String. Instead, we write log message in a template format with placeholder and supply actual value as parameters.