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Terris' Easy Spicy Vegan Lentil "Soup"


This a recipe for cooking raw lentils with Indian flavors.

Most of the liquid will be absorbed by the lentils so this dish will be more of a cassole than a soup. This recipe yields 10-12 large bowls. Great for leftovers and lunch-at-work!
Credits: I started with this recipe
Estimates: Prep time: 30-45 mins, depending on whether you have help chopping or drinking Cook time: 20 mins Ingredients 1 bay leaf2 tsp salt2 tsp cumin2 tsp roasted paprika1 tsp garam masala1 tsp cayenne pepper6 oz crimini mushrooms, sliced3 cups dry brown lentils1 fresh jalapeño1 large yellow onion1 pound cherry tomatoes1 large whole tomato3 carrots, chopped1 lb cauliflower, chopped1/4 lb broccoli florets, chopped6 oz tomato paste2 Tbsp olive oil1lemon, juiced (about 2 tablespoons)7 cups vegetable broth InstructionsSautee the oil, garlic, and onions for 5 minutes in medium-low heat in pressure cooker (no pressure yet!)While that's happening, use a food processor to puree the tomatoes, jalapeño, and to…