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Toad - Eclipse plugin for Postgres, Oracle, mySQL

In Eclipse, install the Toad Plugin via

To connect to Postgres databases hosted on Heroku, you must use SSL without certificates. To do this, select Custom Connection String and add the following to the JDBC URL:


Upgrading GNU Screen on OSX

See this page to learn why you want to upgrade GNU screen to have vertical splitting.

Install HomebrewRun Terminalbrew install automakegit clone git:// screen/srcsudo mkdir -p /opt/etcsudo mv etc/etcscreenrc /opt/etc/screenrc./ --prefix=/opt/Cellar/screen/3.6.0  --enable-colors256 --with-sys-screenrc=/opt/etc/screenrcmakesudo make installsudo mv screen /usr/bin

[1] Installing GNU Screen on OS X in Homebrew