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When the majority votes like a bot farm

Why trouble oneself with independent thought when God will sort out the winners and losers?

Study and experimentation - science, in other words - require gobs of money. Despite their vanity charities, the rich and powerful would rather not smarten up the chumps. It's working for them.

"Live and let live" presumes one's opponents uphold the same credo. The devout instead demand "convert or die" and see life as a game of maximizing the number of lives "saved." A bearded white Peeping Tom grandpa in the sky keeps score.

When belief is the teensiest bit challenged, the Golden Rule is reflexively discarded for "if you're not for us, you're against us." No, Satan can't fool the heaven-bound! The end justifies the means. Belief covers everything, like flowers upon a mass grave.

Centuries after Gallileo risked his life with a telescope to refute the Catholic Church's willful blindless, we stare agape at a United States of America that has fallen into the hands of theocrats, like Saudi Arabia but with different taboos, lies, deities, and costumes. At least football halftime shows don't yet feature public executions of liberal Hollywood elites and homosectionals.

Five of the US's most powerful men and women habe formed a New Inquisition to decree that a fertilized human egg is a corporation. Left unchecked, these emboldened justices will dismiss scientists entirely and base their decisions upon immaculate conception and other fairy tales. When every sperm is sacred, marriage between two males represents an affront to every Commandment. That's their idea of logic. I wish I was exaggerating! These are neither reasonable nor rational courtroom bathrobe models.

Unwavering faith always turns into lawlessness, destruction, and insatiable bloodbaths. Just ask any rightful resident of the "New World."

Regardless of what politicians in robes decree, humanity is caught in the throes of an ever-accelerating ecological End Times. The Supreme Court in its current configuration will merely expedite our journey to an unlivable planet. Wouldn't it be better if we could slow down the train just a little?

The framers of the Constitution, despite their flaws, didn't intend for the Court to fall into the clutches of religious zealots. Otherwise, the First Amendment would have established Christianity as the Union's official sponsor. Even a convention of ignorant misogynist slaveowners didn't go there.

The modern GOP beat the boss of Reason and broke the Court and the Constitution. High score!

In a true democracy, the majority would prevail. The remedy for the Supreme Court's right turn into the 15th century is simple: eliminate the filibuster and add more justices to the Supreme Court. When right-wingers conspire to vote as a bloc, they are no more useful than automatons. The Court's lazy white matter must be diluted.

But simple tasks can also be vexing. Ghosts of Congresses Past bequeathed exclusive privileges in perpetuity to a minority of rich white men.

Instead of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or Elon Musk, Senator Joe Manchin is the US's most powerful old rich white man who lords over US residents, especially females of child-bearing age. Joe and West Virginia's Christians wouldn't have it any other way.

This is an ideal moment to start taxing churches. They should pay their fair share for the damage they have done, including but not limited to: witch burning, sexual predation, operating slave labor concentration camps, genocide, and conversion therapy. Churches benefit greatly from Free Stuff such as fire trucks and police officers. No Church has ever paid a penny for the roads that get the cars in the parking lots, the butts in the pews, and the tax-free Hamiltons on the plates.

Why bother thinking when the opposite allows you to legally horde a sinful amount of cash year on year, no questions asked!


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