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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Silver City New Mexico November 2017

I don't take enough photos to make compelling albums. I used to be into photography with film cameras but now I try to respect people's privacy. I think our society has overdone it since everyone has a camera now. Instead, I take mental pictures by talking to the locals in order to understand what I'm seeing in a historical dimension. It took me my whole life so far to see the invisible which is beautiful in its own right.

The frontier is alive and well in New Mexico. Silver City is where large-scale cattle ranching was attempted, start-up style, in the 19th century by venture capitalists. All of the operations went bankrupt due to drought. This was the location of the show Bonanza. The place looks exactly the same. Time has stood still.

If you want to buy a ranch, I know a place. It's amazing. But water is a problem.

Silver City is probably the most egalitarian city in the US. Although small, the government obviously has the typical jobs such as judge and police chief. They are filled equally between Latinos and "other." This is the result of Silver City's Mexican colonial history but also, surprisingly, silver and copper mining which has allowed the community to survive without bowing to tourism.

Although we west-westerners associate mining with "bad," the folks in Silver City see it as their best means of not just survival but, even today, prosperity that doesn't rely on the whims of rich young people.
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